At Lords Group, our people are
our greatest asset. Our success and
the success of our clients' projects,
rests heavily on the mindset, performance
and technical capabilities of our
people and our partners

For this reason, we strive to ensure that we not only
bring the best of the industry into our organisation,
but that we create an environment of positive energy,
learning, high performance and challenge.

Utilising a recruitment process which has been tailored to meet the minimum expectations of Lords Group specifically, we have consistently attracted and retained high performing individuals, who align with and most importantly share the same values and passion as our Leadership Team. Once onboard, our people become part of a culture and environment of excellence, fostered through continual technical and behavioral coaching and mentoring. In addition, our people are constantly offered challenging opportunities to help them enhance and realise their undiscovered potential. The strategic investment in our people has allowed us to continue to succeed and grow as an organisation and continue to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Today, after having successfully operated and continually grown since our inception five years ago, we pride ourselves on having retained and fostered the highest quality individuals from the industry; people who are ambitious, well-respected, and bring invaluable experience within their respective fields.

Whilst the organisation is young, our team is strong, and our key organisational and project leaders come with demonstrable experience having delivered some of Sydney’s most iconic projects. We bring a sophisticated and demonstrable level of industry experience to the table, offering significant energy and value to our respected clients.



Lords Group Founder and Director Jad Maroun, is a highly experienced and recognised property and construction professional with exemplary industry references.

Boasting 15 years’ experience as a construction head contractor, Jad Maroun developed his passion for property and construction delivering Sydney’s high end and multi-faceted commercial, residential, hotel and casino projects with Australia’s most prominent organisations.

Well known in the industry for his uncompromising commitment towards high quality construction, strong client relationships and developing high performing teams, Jad Maroun founded Lords Group with the objective of becoming a significant player in the property and construction industry. His vision is to operate a construction organisation that cultivates the industry’s highest performing individuals, breeds a culture of client management excellence and consistently delivers high quality projects.

Continually strategising to lead and grow the organisation, Jad plays an active role in managing current and future client projects, day to day organisational operations and the mentorship of our staff and leadership teams.