• It is a fundamental law of nature that in order to gain strength, one has to push the limits. Being passionate about what we do facilitates the high levels of energy required to continually push the boundaries of our day to day operations. Having passion is an important pre-requisite of acceptance into the Lords Group team. In the words of our Founder and Director, “Skills to some degree can be taught, but you cannot teach attitude and you cannot force passion, it is either in you or it is not”. Our team is passionate and this translates into consistent high quality project and operational outcomes.
  • Successful organisations have both a great culture and high quality individuals. Each influences each other; people who make up the organisation determine the kind of culture the organisation has, and the culture of the organisation determines the kind of people who fit in. Hence the selection of ethical individuals has been key to our organisational success, and this value underpins the manner in which decisions are made on a daily basis by our leadership and project teams. We will always choose the path less profitable if it means maintaining our responsibilities and commitments to our stakeholders which has in itself ensured the continued growth and success of Lords Group.
  • Through our ability to create environments of honest and transparent consultation, challenge and thoughtful debate we extract high quality outcomes from individuals, projects and situations. Since inception we have and we continue to foster strong and meaningful relationships through our transparent approach to business dealings which has facilitated long term continued growth and success for the organisation and its associates.
  • As an organisation we have established strategic yet audacious goals for where we would like Lords Group to be positioned in the short and long term future. To facilitate the achievement of these audacious goals, we have fostered a culture embedded within our people of quickly identifying weaknesses and putting in place a process of consistent and efficient diagnosis and resolution. This culture of continual improvement places Lords Group on a continual path of organisational and operational improvement and excellence.
  • We don’t stand for inferior works, it’s clear cut. Quality is engrained within our people, our systems, our procedures and also the manner in which we select the clients we would like to collaborate with and our partners in construction. By no means are we perfect, but what our clients and their stakeholders see when they work and collaborate with Lords Group, is that we are genuine in our passion and commitment towards construction quality excellence.